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Hoxworth Blood Center

Hoxworth Blood Center

Bleed for a Cause

Bleed for a Cause UC Edition

The Details

What is Bleed for a Cause: UC Edition?

Bleed for a Cause: UC Edition is a competition among UC groups to recruit blood donors for Hoxworth Blood Center.
The program is designed to increase blood donations at neighborhood donor centers and then finish with the best UC blood drive in history!

The top three organizations to score the most points will win money for the charity they support!
Prizes are:


Q:  When is Bleed for a Cause: UC Edition?
A:  Bleed for a Cause: UC Edition runs November - December 5, 2014.

Q:  How do I get my group to participate?
A:  Participating groups must register by calling 513-558-1280.

Q:  How are points scored for Bleed for a Cause: UC Edition?
A:  Points are tallied as follows:

  • Neighborhood Center donation = 2 points
    Donor must present the Pledge Card for donation to count.
  • UC All Campus Blood Drive = 1 point
    Donor must present the Pledge Card for donation to count.
  • Weekly Challenge = 25 points
    Surprising and fun challenges to promote blood donation.
    Each Wednesday at Noon, Challenges will be presented on the steps of McMicken Hall.
    Challenges must be "proven" with online, social media evidence.  For example, photographs of your group completing the challenge.

Q:  Can only members of my group donate blood and vote for my organization?
A:  No.  Anyone...your members, your brother, your great aunt, your next-door-neighbor, your mechanic...can donate blood in the name of your group.

Q:  If someone forgets to turn in their pledge card, when registering to donate, can we go back later and have Hoxworth enter our group?
A:  No.  In order to tally points correctly, everyone must turn in a pledge card before the actual blood donation.

Q:  Can supporters of my group donate blood in another county and still vote for my organization? 
A:  Yes.  Your supporters can donate anywhere in the Hoxworth service area, which includes 17 counties in Southeastern Indiana, Northern Kentucky and Southwestern Ohio.  If they mention your nonprofit, your organizations will receive those points.  However, ONLY donations made at a Hoxworth neighborhood donor center can be counted.



Updated 11/04/2014

Follow the above link to complete the application to participate in the Bleed for a Cause - UC Edition campaign.  For more information call us at 513-558-1280.