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Meetings and Resource Opportunities

MTAC Meetings

All meetings are held at Hoxworth Blood Center Central location, 3130 Highland Ave., 4th floor boardroom, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

2015 Meetings:

  • January 21
  • April 22
  • July 22 (tentative)
  • October 21 (tentative)


Learn more about the AABB Audio conferences, here.

2015 Audio conference dates:

  • February 11 -- Using DMAIC to Implement Change in the Laboratory: A Project to Reduce Blood Wastage (#154851)
  • February 25 -- Molecular Phenotyping on Patients and Donors (#154852)
  • March 4 -- Significant Changes to the 7th Edition of Standards for Cellular Therapy Services* (#154853)
  • March 11 -- CLIA: How it Relates to Patient and Donor Testing and Forms the Basis of Standards for Inspection of Blood Banks by Other Regulatory Agencies Including CAP, AABB and the FDA (#154854)
  • March 25 -- Impact of the AABB Plasma Standard on Collection Centers and Hospital Transfusion Practice (#154855)
  • April 22 --  ISBT 128 Implementation: Challenges and Rewards* (#154857) 
  • August 12 -- Transfusion Medicine Residency and Fellowship Milestones: The What, When, Where, and the How (#154864) 
  • September 16 -- Tailoring the Product to the Patient: TRALI Mitigation Strategies and Unique Donor-Recipient Matching (#154866)
  • November 18 -- Using Competency Assessments to Assure Quality* (#154867)




Certificates and Registrations


ISBT128 Information

For a list of blood centers that consistently provide additional blood products when needed, click here.




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