Hoxworth Blood Center

Hoxworth Blood Center


Ronald A. Sacher

Ronald A. Sacher, MD, FRCPC
Professor, Internal Medicine and Pathology, UC Academic Health Center
Director, Hoxworth Blood Center

Gregg Boothe

Gregg Boothe, MS, MT(ASCP)SBB
Associate Director/Chief Operating Officer, Hoxworth Blood Center

Chris Carey

Patricia M. Carey, MD
Professor, Clinical, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UC Academic Health Center
Medical Director, Hoxworth Blood Center
Division Director, Clinical Services, Hoxworth Blood Center
Transfusion Service Medical Director, CCHMC and UC Medical Center

Jose Cancelas

Jose A. Cancelas, MD, PhD
Professor, Pediatrics, UC Academic Health Center
Deputy Director, Hoxworth Blood Center
Medical Director, Cellular Therapies
Stem Cell Program Leader, Division of Experimental Hematology & Biology, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC)


Alin Girnita

Alin Girnita, MD, D-ABHI
Associate Professor, Clinical, Surgery, UC Academic Health Center
Division Director, Transplantation Immunology

Scott Inscho

Scott Inscho, CPA
Division Director Finance, Hoxworth Blood Center

Tom Leemhuis

Thomas Leemhuis, PhD
Associate Professor,  Pediatrics, UC Academic Health Center
Laboratory Director, Cellular Therapies, Hoxworth Blood Center

Dr. Carolyn Lutzko

Carolyn Lutzko, PhD
Associate Professor, Pediatrics, UC Academic Health Center
Director, Cell Manipulations and Development Laboratories, Translational Core Laboratory, Division of Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology, CCHMC
Division Director, Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapy, Hoxworth Blood Center

Tom Renner

Thomas Renner, BS
Division Director Manufacturing, Hoxworth Blood Center

James Tinker

James Tinker, BS
Division Director Donor Recruitment & Community Relations
, Hoxworth Blood Center

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board assists Hoxworth in developing a blood program which serves the needs of patients, hospitals, and blood donors in the region.They also advise the center on questions and policies regarding organizational and community relationships, implementing and carrying out programs to increase community involvement in blood donation activities, and support the center in fund raising initiatives. 

  • Richard Aft, PhD:  Philanthropic Leadership
  • Thomas Boat, MD:  UC Academic Health Center
  • Rob Davis:    International SOS
  • Giles DeCourcy:  Coalition for a Drug-Free Greater Cincinnati 
  • Andrew Filak, MD:  UC Academic Health Center
  • Merwyn Grayson: Central Bank of Northern Kentucky
  • C. Dean Gregory:  Montgomery Inn 
  • Myron Hughes:  University of Cincinnati Foundation
  • Staci Jenkins:  Cincinnati Women's Initiative
  • Camille Jones, MD, MPH:  Cincinnati Department of Health
  • Lee Ann Liska:  University of Cincinnati Medical Center and UC Health
  • Carol Moorhead, St. Elizabeth Hospital Edgewood
  • Colleen O’Toole, PhD:  Greater Cincinnati Health Council
  • J. James Pearce, Jr.:  Pearce & Associates Consulting
  • James D. Plummer:  University of Cincinnati
  • Balaji Purushothaman:  Procter & Gamble
  • Dave Roberts:  GE Aviation
  • Jamie Smith:  Business Courier
  • Trisha Smitson:  American Red Cross, Cincinnati Region 
  • Michelle Steed:  Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Tri-State Chapter
  • John Svirbely, MD:  Mercy Health - Clermont Hospital
  • Dan Vogelpohl:  Fifth Third Bank
  • Julie Washington:  Jamba Juice Company


Medical and Technical Advisory Committee

Adams County Regional Medical Center

  • Kathy Morrison
  • Blake Nestok, MD
  • Elizabeth Pendell

Bethesda (formerly Butler County Hospital)

  • Kimberly Brindza
  • Pamela Sequeira, MD

The Christ Hospital

  • James Devitt, MD
  • Carol Juniet
  • Nikki Kurak 

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

  • Ralph Gruppo, MD
  • Ana Salguero
  • Paul Steele, MD
  • Michelle Bailey, Hoxworth CCHMC Transfusion Service
  • Patricia Carey, MD, Hoxworth CCHMC Transfusion Service
  • Sharon Kuchma, Hoxworth CCHMC Transfusion Service

Dearborn County Hospital

  • Stephen Eliason, MD
  • Jennifer Hildebrand
  • Sandy Hoff
  • Michael Smith, MD

Drake Center, Inc

  • Helen Hancock
  • Kim Marto
  • Fred Lucas, MD

TriHealth (formerly Evendale Hospital)

  • Kimberly Brindza
  • Thomas Panke,MD 

Highland District Hospital

  • Regina Teeters
  • Walter Timperman, MD
  • Deborah Ward, MD
  • Bill Dennis

Margaret Mary Community Hospital

  • James Devitt, MD
  • Annette Gillman
  • Mary Jo Nobbe


Mercy Health Partners

Jewish Hospital

  • Timothy Braverman, MD
  • Janet Climer
  • Eileen Stern

Mercy Hospital Anderson 

  • Chad Balwanz
  • Jonathan Rock

Mercy Hospital Clermont  

  • Chad Balwanz
  • Cammie Hopper
  • John Svirbely, MD

Mercy Hospital Fairfield

  • Beth Flodder
  • Jenny Mauntel
  • Stephen Whitlatch, MD

Mercy Hospital West

  • Susan Bonelli
  • Jay Jiang, MD
  • Audrey Kerby
  • Karen Leibel
  • Marianne Leininger
  • Nancy Reeves

Quest Diagnostics Inc

  • Glen Hortin, MD, PhD

St. Elizabeth Healthcare

St. Elizabeth Covington/ St. Elizabeth Edgewood 

  • Kathleen Matthews, MD
  • Carol Moorhead
  • Trish Nortmann
  • Karen Yunker

St. Elizabeth Florence

  • Amy Harvey
  • Kathleen Matthews, MD
  • Trish Nortmann

 St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas

  • Amanda Garrett
  • Trish Nortmann
  • Kathleen Matthews, MD

St. Elizabeth Grant

  • Kathleen Matthews, MD
  • Trish Nortmann

Shriners Hospital

  • Ann Sachritz
  • Paul Steele, MD

Southern Ohio Medical Center

  • Beverley Meadows
  • Vincent Randaisi, D.O.
  • Bridget Scott



Bethesda Butler County Hospital

  • Kimberly Brindza
  • Pamela Sequeira

Bethesda North Hospital

  • Sajini Matthew, MD
  • Paulette Brown
  • Janet Helton
  • Judy Wilhelm
  • Deborah Wolterman

TriHealth Evendale

  • Kimberly Brindza
  • Sajini Mathew, MD
  • Anna Scovanner


Good Samaritan Hospital

  • Ren Dansberry
  • Sajini Mathew, MD
  • Louise Redden


UC Health

UC Health Surgical Hospital

  • Kathy Lipps

University of Cincinnati Medical Center
(formerly University Hospital

  • Helen Hancock
  • Angela Heinz
  • Fred Lucas, MD
  • Teresa Williams

West Chester Hospital

  • Rachel Harrison
  • Mary Beth Kasper
  • Fred Lucas, MD

University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center

  • John Flege, MD
  • Evelyn V. Hess, MD

Veteran’s Administration Medical Center

  • Brad Dean
  • Saad Ghosn, MD, MPH
  • Cathy Listerman
  • Daniel Hapner
  • Kirby Reinhart, MD


Updated 10/06/14